“SUPER CLEAR explaination via Human Anatomy apps & Model”

Dr Tan took about 30 Minutes to diagnose my problems, he willing to share his knowledge & answer every question I asked.
My problem is I’m having minor Scoliosis, need Adjustment for Spine & Muscle Tightness, Misaligned Rib Cage.
He even shared that Unbalanced Muscles may lead to Scoliosis, and provide a SUPER CLEAR explaination via Human Anatomy apps & Model.
  • Characteristic: Very friendly, Knowledgeable, Passion to his Job, Clear Explanation, Not Rushing.
  • Environment: Spacious, Comfortable, Clean
  • Parking: Don’t worry about it, they rented 2 Free Parking Lot for Patient.
  • Progress: Painful because due to my bad habits, but this is the Process of Curing.
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